HTML5 Export Module Additional Information

Check out the world of creativity at your fingertips with the HTML5 Export Module features. In addition to the all of the excellent standard features of Fusion 2.5 you also get some HTML5 specific objects with unique functions and features.

Unique features

  • HTML5 Object – Gives access to data and functions specific to HTML5.
  • Physics Objects – A collection of Physics Box2D based movements and objects.
  • Touch interface objects allow for easy creation of touch context inputs like swiping & pinching.
  • Accelerometer Object (Allows for easy creation of accelerometer based movements in your app).
  • Location Object (Provide access to GPS data through idevice).

How it Works / Help Docs

HTML5 Introduction
HTML5 Application specific properties
HTML5 Inserting a preloader
HTML5 Runtime Differences
HTML5 Things to consider

Currently compatible extensions

More objects all the time!

Check the Fusion 2.5 Extension Manager for more objects!
Click the manager button on the “Insert a new object” dialog box to load the manager.


Now it's never been easier to create games and apps for any devioce that supports HTML5. With Clickteam's HTML5 Export Module, you can create content using our amazing set of creation tools, Fusion 2.5 and Fusion 2.5 Developer.

If you want:

  • To create games and Apps, deployed and packaged in cutting edge HTML5..
  • To not have to learn complex programming languages like Java or C++.
  • To be able to publish your games and applications to your website and distribute them to a worldwide user base.

Fusion 2.5 and the HTML5 Export Module is made for you:

  • You can create HTML5 applications and games very quickly and simply.
  • You program the logic of your application using the mouse with Visual Programming, without entering one line of code.
  • With the Build and Run option you can test your creation immediately on the test device without having to leave Fusion 2.5.

Programming for everyone

The HTML5 Export Module works with our Fusion 2.5 tools, just add it to one of them and create HTML5 files:

Discover the best games created with Fusion on the Indie Game Creators website.

Games released on Steam, ClickStore, Google Play, iTunes, Consoles and more!


The HTML5 Export Module is a optional product for our Game Creation software.
Fusion 2.5 and Fusion 2.5 Developer. Read on to learn how Fusion 2.5 works.

What is Visual Programming?

Visual Programming is what makes Fusion 2.5 work.
It allows you to create every type of 2D applicaiton or video game just using the mouse.

The software is built out of two main editors:

frame editor

The Frame Editor

Here you visually place and position all of the elements of your game or application (the characters, counters, strings of text etc.) using your mouse.

You set up the properties for each of your objects in this editor by using your mouse to click on check-boxes or selecting choices from drop down menus.

event editor

The Event Editor

A true Visual Programming interface. The program that drives your application is presented to you in the form of a grid (similar to a spreadsheet). You enter the different events (conditions and actions) that make your application work into the grid by choosing options presented to you in pop up menus.

At no time do you need to enter a single line of code. This approach to programming is very simple to understand, but also very fast powerful. You can have the basics of your application entered in just a few clicks.

A community of developers ready to help you

The community based around Clickteam's products is very active and very friendly. When you run in to any problems with your development, you can always ask your questions in one of our friendly forums. An answer usually comes back within half a day, sometimes even sooner.

And if necessary, you can even send your questions direct to the developers of the program themselves, as they constantly check the forums to help with the more difficult questions.

Optional build types available

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • HTML5
  • Mac

Windows system requirements: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 or 98 operating system, 200 Mhz Pentium processeur or higher, 32 Mb RAM (256 Mb for XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10). Please try the free version first to ensure it runs on your system. An internet connection is required for installation, updates and to download the software.

Mac System Requirements: OSX or newer, we recommend macOS Sierra or High Sierra - please try the free version first to ensure it runs on your system. An internet connection is required for installation, updates and to download the software.