MMF2 / MMF2 Developer / TGF2 - Fix and new features in build #249

- Workspace toolbar : crash when you delete a folder that is opened in the frame editor.

- Storyboard editor : the scrolling position is preserved when you close and reopen the editor.

- Data element editor : you can now add multiple files at the same time in the binary data tab.

- Frame editor : refresh issues when you drag the frame and the window is splitted.

- Frame editor : memory leak when you paste objects.

- Frame editor : crash when you press the Windows context menu key in the object list of the frame editor and no object is selected.

- Frame editor : crash when you press the right mouse button while recording a path with the mouse in the path movement editor.

- Event editor : the Shoot action has been renamed to Launch as it can be used for more than shooting.

- Event editor : when doing UNDO on an event with the creation of an object, and if this object was only created in this event (not dropped on the frame), the UNDO / REDO did not work.

- Event editor : the line numbers are now fixed, they no longer change when you open/close a group.

- Event editor : the split window feature is now disabled in the event, event list and action editors as it causes crashes.

- Event editor : in the Create / Set Position dialog box, when you select a position relative to another object, the initial position is set to 0,0.

- Event editor : crash when you want to retrieve a global value or string and you press OK without selecting a value.

- Event editor : when you delete a password-protected group and undoes this command the group was opened.

- Event editor : Goto Line works with new event line numbers.

- Event editor : custom check mark not transparent (note: always use white as transparent color for the check mark).

- Event editor : wrong selection in object selectors with 2 tabs when you select an object and switch to the other tab.

- Event editor : when you edit the position of a created object, right click an object to make the relative position of the created object equal to the difference of position with this object (the relative position is set to 0,0 if you click with the left button).

- Event editor : scrolling issues or even possible crashes with Page Down / Page Up, keys.

- Event editor : the event editor did not always remember the open/closed state of the groups (if the groups were included in a closed group).

- Event editor : Set semi transparency was not disabled for Java and Mobile

- Event editor - Java : some unsupported actions were not disabled, you are no longer able to build applications that contain them.

- Event editor - Java : the Add to debugger, Open debugger, Pause debugger actions are now available in the event editor. They have no effect in Java runtime.

- Event List Editor : possible random crash after deleting an action.

- Event List Editor : the focus rectangle is now immediately redrawn when you go up/down/left/right.

- Behavior editor : crash when you edit a behavior of a global object while an event editor is open on a behavior of this object in another frame.

- Behavior editor : copying/pasting events in behaviors could result in bad objects.

- Path movement editor : sometimes selects the wrong object when there is an instance of the object in the frame editor and the object is also created in the event editor.

- Animation editor : when the selection in the frame list is changed with the keyboard, the displayed picture is now updated.

- Picture editor : keyboard issue in file selector in Save Picture.

- Picture editor : color boxes partially covered by color palette on machines with large dialog font size.

- Picture editor : text of RGB value not updated when you double click the transparent color and change it.

- Picture editor : images with only an alpha channel (= without bitmap) were not allowed.

- Build as Java application : temporary files and directories were not deleted if an error occured while building applications and you click OK to view the error log. You should delete all the Imgxxx, Musxxx and Sndxxx sub-directories "forgotten" by previous beta versions of MMF2 in your Windows temp folder (on Vista: C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Local\Temp, on XP : C:\Documents and Settings\User_Name\Local Settings\Temp).

- Build as Java Applet : space characters in the JAR filename are now replaced by %20 in the HTML file.

- Build as Java Webstart/Applet application : warning when building an application that contains objects or actions that might prevent an unsigned applet from working.

- Run Application[/color : in Java Stand-alone and Java Applet when you press the CTRL key when you run the application, MMF builds the .JAR/HTML file and launches it (= launches the Java interpreter or the browser).

- Object properties : generic qualifiers from 24 to 99 have been renamed and redesigned by Nifflas and Hempuli, thanks a lot. :) A new option in the Preferences (in the Event Editor tab) allows you to use the old qualifiers. Note: when you change this option, you have to close and reload opened applications so that the new option take effect.

- Properties : for the ones who don't use tabs in the property window, the open status of the folders is now always preserved.

- Application (MMF2 Dev) : new Clone command for applications. This command allows you to create resized copies of an application. It resizes the window, the frames, the objects, updates their positions, changes the speed/acceleration/deceleration values in the movements, updates the positions in the Create / Shoot actions, in the Test Zone conditions, and generates a report that displays the events that might need to be modified so that the new application works correctly (i.e. events that modify or read positions via expressions).

- Application (MMF2 Dev) : new options (in the Application properties) to keep the width/height ratio of the user's screen when switching to full screen. Refer to the documentation for more information.

- Application (MMF2 Dev) : new Java Mobile / BlackBerry build options for mobile devices & Blackberry.

- Application (MMF2 Dev) : new Java Mac build option for Macs.

- Application : when only external sounds and images are referenced in events, the sound and image filters are now included if they are in automatic mode.

- Clone Frame : movement timer base and demo random generator seed not cloned.

- Application properties : full screen ratio tolerance not saved in mfa files

- Frame properties : new "Include global events" property in the Runtime tab. Allows you to reduce the size of the frames that don't use the global events of the application (=> allows you to reduce the size of the application, useful for Java applications).

- Active Direct Show object : this new object allows you to play a video as an active object, i.e. not in a window.

- Active SystemBox object : not correctly displayed when it's hidden at start and you show it later, if it contains a text.

- Animation object : "user clicks within animation" condition was not working, it has been removed, you can now use the User clicks on an object condition of the Keyboard & Mouse object

- Animation object : the "number of frames" expression no longer returns 0 when the animation is stopped.

- Combo Box object : Has Focus condition now works in Dropdown List mode.

- Dialog box object : Has Focus condition didn't work for simple and dropdown combo boxes.

- Draw Object : display glitch in frame editor when the border option is set.

- Edit box object : a 0 was added to the end of the texts saved with the Save Text action.

- Edit box object : you can now set the alignment in the Text tab in the properties.

- Explorer object : new Refresh Tree action.

- Explorer object : crash on Windows 7 when you double click the local network icon and your network is configured as "home network".

- FTP object : the Asynchonous mode is now off by default (when you insert a new FTP object) - note that some servers don't support too many files being downloaded at the same time in asynchronous mode, so you should be careful when using this option.

- Hi-Score, Date & Time, Quiz objects : the "display as background" property is now displayed so that you can change it.

- Layer object : objects were continuously redrawn after a show layer action.

- Layer object : refresh problems after "sort by" actions.

- List View object : Limit of editable text in List View is now 1024 characters (this limit will be removed in a future build).

- Lives object : images of global Lives objects are not updated in other frames when they are modified.

- Object Mover object : new object that allows you to move all objects above it at the same time.

- OS object : now recognizes Windows 7.

- Quiz object : Wrong page displayed when using external file quiz definition (for priority page, information page, input page).

- Quiz Object : black border no longer drawn around the images included in the pages.

- Tree Control object : crash in certain conditions with the Get Full Path expression.

- Movement extensions : new Help button in movement properties.

- Presentation movement : didn't work correctly in some cases.

- 8-direction movement : new Stick to obstacles option (to make it work like the 8-direction movement of the build 248)

- New Drag & Drop movement made by Andrew Mather and finalized by Chris Branch.

- PNG filter : crash when the PNG file is invalid.

- Runtime : bug in Load Application Position when a frame has a fade-in transition.

- Runtime : X/Y of object edges expressions return incorrect values after set scale & angle actions.

- Runtime : path movement could crash the application after loading a saved frame.

- Runtime : new command line switches :

- /MIS0 => turns off the Machine Independent Speed option
- /MIS1 => turns on the Machine Independent Speed option
- /NOK => ignore the Keep Screen Ratio option
- the screen depth passed through the /DIB option is no longer ignored in full screen mode

- Runtime : when using Pick object at random with a qualifier, it did not work if another condition was selecting/unselecting objects with the same qualifier.

- Runtime : Overlapping another object condition - when negated, an Is Overlapping condition implying two qualifiers was TRUE when two of the objects described by the two qualifiers (not all the objects) were colliding...

- Runtime : crash when you close an application from the task manager.

- Runtime : Goto node and Branch node actions used to crash when the current movement was not a path movement.

- Runtime : Save Frame Position was not working with timer-based movements.

- Runtime : reactions to collisions with obstacles in movements were slightly different in the build 248, due to a change in a routine shared between the ball movement and the others. The previous behavior has been restored.

- Runtime : Frame Has Been Loaded / Saved conditions didn't work with the Negate option.

- Runtime : crash in "user clicks on an object" condition when the "run while resizing" option is selected and a mouse click on an object makes the application to enter in modal mode (popup menu, etc).

- Runtime : the End of Application condition was not triggered by a Restart Application action.

- Runtime : Restrict action did not work with a calculation.

- Runtime : jump to frame action of sub-app object couldn't jump to frame 0.

- Runtime : resetting the timer could sometime mess up animations of active objects if the "timer based movements" option was enabled.

- Runtime : Force Load On Call didn't work...

- Runtime : active objects with an appear and disappear animation only, were not destroyed at the end of the animation.

- Runtime : you couldn't play normal sounds on a specific channel after an uninterruptible sound had been played on this channel.

- Runtime : When you manually set the position of a static object, collisions were not detected.

- Runtime : Negate not working with Is Menu Visible.

- Java : new objects :

Advanced Direction
Advanced Path Movement
Advanced Game Board
Rectangle Calculator
Date & Time
Direction Calculator
Double Precision calculator
Immediate IF
List View (MMF2 Dev)
Move Safely 2
Platform Movement
Popup Menu
Screen Capture
Text Blitter
Tree Control
Wargame Map
Window Control

- Java : fix in the focus of the application when you switch to a new frame.

- Java : 1-pixel quickbackdrops not displayed.

- Java : display problems in multi-line strings.

- Java : controls not working in applets.

- Java : key-pressed events losing their one-shot status after 10 minutes.

- Java : fix in rotations.

- Java : scale to 0 used to crash.

- Java : empty strings in application could crash the runtime

- Java : crash sometimes in Create object.

- Java : bar counters used to disappear if you set it to a double floating point value.

- Java : "play sounds and music over frames" now works.

- Java : Overlapping backdrops does not work in collision with box if the backdrop objects are obstacle only.

- Java : Collisions with the background of quick backdrop objects was one pixel on the right too short.

- Java : Get alterable value by index, Get alterable string by index used to crash.

- Java : issues with binary files.

- Java : collision detection with the background of a vertical line on the right of a sprite did not work.

- Java : Load Image Frame did not update the current object.

- Java : Edit, Button, List, Combo object not working correctly when the "Follow the frame" property was unchecked.

- Java : bug in Load Aopplication / Frame Position if the frame contains a Button object.

- Java : bug in Pick Object conditions.

- Java : bug in XMouse/YMouse expressions.

- Java : vertically centered strings were not always displayed completely.

- Java : Min and Max expressions used to return a floating point number, even if the parameters were integer.

- Java : R and B components exchanged in color parameters with expression in actions and conditions.

- Java : look at action used to make the object look at 0,0 when the object to look at was destroyed

- Java : qualifiers were duplicated in internal lists, causing an action for qualifier to occur several times

- Java : A left mouse click was generated at start of frame, detected if the condition Mouse click was in second position in an event.

- Java : The hotspot of certain images in animations was not correctly set

- Java : Is visible, Is Paused, Framechanged, application complete did not respond to negate condition

- Java : Set current angle in simple ellipse movement used to also change the offset angle

- Java webstart : if the App Directory URL field is empty, an error message is displayed.

- Java applets : incorrect mouse coordinates if the frame is smaller than the window.

- Java standalone & applets : Player controls set to Joystick now respond to the keyboard

- Java standalone & applets : when doing a restart frame, the last pressed key could remain marked as down.

- Java / Array object : fixed.

- Java / Active System Box object : you can now click on the objects in an applet.

- Java / Active System Box object : crash in sub-applications.

- Java / Active and Background System Box objects : click on a button had an effect when pressing the button, not when releasing it.

- Java / Active and Background System Box objects : could crashing upon loading.

- Java / Button object : some images were not displayed.

- Java / Button object : after a click the object was eating the keyboard input.

- Java / Date & Time object : bug in 12/24 hour mode.

- Java / Edit object : the keys are now transmitted to the application when you type in the control.

- Java / Ini object : delete group did not delete the entire group.

- Java / Layer object : crash when using certain conditions.

- Java / Layer object : sorting object priority was done in reverse order.

- Java / Layer object : sorted objects were not completely refreshed.

- Java / Layer object : sorting objects from alterable values that have not been initialised caused a crash.

- Java / Movement Controller object : Sinewave / Reset movement used to crash.

- Java / Presentation Movement : simple appear movement did not work.

- Java / Question object : a Question object immediately opened in the first frame of an application, prevented the application from being displayed.

- Java / Question object : was not erased properly.

- Java / Sinusoidal movement : the movement could get stuck.

- Java / Space Invaders movement : all the objects now animate.

- Java mobile : new Mobile Utilities object that contains a few functions useful for Java Mobile apps.

- Java mobile : new Mobile Font object, allows you to define a graphical font which will replace any font used in the text objects (string, counter, questions/answer, score and lives).

- Java mobile : new Screen rotation property in the Window properties of the application. Allows you to rotate the screen by 90 degrees.

- Java Mobile : new Force Global Refresh option in the Window properties of the application. When this option is selected, the whole screen is refreshed at each frame loop. This allows to avoid graphic artifacts on some devices, although it's probably slower.

- Java Mobile : in Mobile & Blackberry mode, the exact memory inprint of the application is displayed in the debugger.

- Java Mobile : the program now checks that the version number is in the form XX.XX.

- Java Mobile : sounds were exchanged in complex applications.

- Java Mobile : string objects with one word on the ending line where not properly erased.

- Java Mobile : restarting an application or a frame with a music playing caused sometimes a crash.

- Java Mobile : the INI object now saves the data in the phone persistent memory

- Java Mobile : string objects used to crash with long strings without spaces.

- Java Mobile : the newline$ function has no effect.

- Java Mobile : ADDTODEBUGGER was not authorised in a Java Mobile application.

- Java Mobile : Sound crash on certain phones.

- Java mobile : crash with XMouse and YMouse expressions.

- Java mobile : quickbackdrop objects incorrectly sized.

- Java mobile : Bug with Load Frame action.

- Java Mobile : power operator now much more precise. Drawback : handles floating point exponant as integer.

- Java Mobile : centered and right aligned string objects are no longer shifted on the left by a few pixels.

- Java Mobile : quick backdrop objects have a correct size (no longer bigger by one pixel on the right and bottom).

- Java Mobile : incorrect mouse detection when the screen was rotated.

- Java Mobile : collision detection in box mode with background : some locations were not detected.

- Java Mobile / Quick backdrop : rectangles with motifs and border : border was not displayed.

- Java Mobile / Quick backdrop : filled ellipses with borders were filled with the color of the border.

- Java Mobile / Quick backdrop : the bordersize parameter is now taken into account.

- Java Blackberry : you can now use any version of the BlackBerry JDE. A new option in the General tab of the Preferences dialog box allows you to choose the directory where is installed the BlackBerry JDE. By default it's now version 4.7.0. Change the pathname according to the version you have installed.

- Java Blackberry : you are no longer allowed to use space characters in the .cod filename.

- Java Blackberry : movement extensions not working.