Klikdisc Issue #6

After a ridiculous amount of time away, Klikdisc is back for good, with article content five times as much as before and a completely redesigned interface, the #1 electronic magazine for Click developers and enthusiasts is bigger and better than ever!

Join brand new editor-in-chief Adam Dobay as he guides you behind the scenes of the world of Click with exclusive interviews, pro dev tips and loads of other content.

Check out this issue's content below, and don't forget: Power to the Creators!

CT Interview – Francois Interview
In the Lab – Jamie's Android Runtime Sneak Peek
Who's who in Click – Jacob Pariseau Interview
Click around the world – Click on TV
Release Roundup – Once In Space, Game about Game Literacy, Diver Dan 2.0, Monster Rally, Zombie Racers Xbox
In Depth Review – Really Big Sky
Game Spotlight – Nightsky
Review – Best in Show PC
Review – Pitiri 1977
Design Spotlight – Slayin'
Extension Roundup – Flocking Extension, Newgrounds Object, Flash FX Object beta, Tile Cost Object, Box2D Flash
User Tips – A beginner's guide to making Flash Games
Pro Dev Tips – Optimizing for iOS development
Serious Business – DizzyDoo interview – Flash Game Licensing

Music – Over 18 tunes free for use in your projects by artists Greg Courson, Mathias and Adam Dobay
Open source MFAs – This issue has over 23 unique open source MFAs for you to jump into!
New Objects – Flash Slideshow

Arvoesine Demo – Alastair john jack
Beeps and Blips – Easyname
Best in Show Solitaire Demo – Graduate Games
BounceFighters – DanUyos
Copyright Violation – MJK Games
Dooder Demo – Sexy Sexy Bicycle Studio
Fresh Burger (Flash) – Pharanygitis
FiNCK – Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer – Nifflas
Invatris – Pharanygitis
Karate Master KDB 2010 Demo – Criansoft
Nightsky Demo – Nicalis
Pitiri 1977 Demo – IlikeSciFiGames
Really Big Sky Demo – Boss Baddie
Splotches Demo – Jolly Crouton Media
The Sanzaru Fortress – Guillermo
Woosh – Mightymark
ZDay20 – Assault Andy
Zenek Zombie – McO