iOS Export Module Additional Information

The Clickteam iOS Export Module allows you to create apps for the whole range of iOS Devices.
iPhone, iPad, iPod and anything Apple creates that can run apps.
You will need to register as an Apple Developer and please look at the document titled iOS Introduction in the “How it works / Help Docs” area of this webpage for some important requirements.

Unique features

  • iAd options – Allowing use of apple ad system (Fusion 2.5 Developer only)
  • iStore Object – Allowing the creation of in app purchases (Fusion 2.5 Developer only)
  • Touch interface objects allow for easy creation of touch context inputs like swiping & pinching
  • Accelerometer Object for easy creation of accelerometer based movements in your app
  • Location Object to provide access to GPS data through idevice
  • And more! We have an object SDK so you can create an object to add any new features you desire.

How it Works / Help Docs

iOS Introduction
Building your iOS Application
iOS Specific Properties
Fusion 2.5 Developer Only Features
Differences from building PC Applications
Tips for Building

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Currently compatible extensions

More objects all the time!

Check the Fusion 2.5 Extension Manager for more objects!
Click the manager button on the “Insert a new object” dialog box to load the manager.


Now it's never been easier to create games and apps for your favorite iOS device. With Clickteam's iOS Export Module. You can create content using our amazing set of creation tools in Fusion 2.5 and Fusion 2.5 Developer.

Vincere Totus Astrum Megacity HD AWESOME Land

Simply Click and create with our drag and drop visual interface and amazing event editor. Then a touch of button Fusion 2.5 will build you your xCode project, Move it to your mac and compile it to your iDevice and test it. Once you happy with your app simply submit it to Apple. It's that easy.

If you want to:

  • Build games and apps for Apple's iDevices.
  • To not have to learn the Objective C programming language.
  • To make money with your creations.
  • Have your app in front of Millions world wide.
  • Develop faster results than regular coding.

Then Fusion 2.5 and the iOS Export Module is for you!

Discover the best games created with Fusion on the Indie Game Creators website.

Games released on Steam, ClickStore, Google Play, iTunes, Consoles and more!


What is Visual Programming?

Visual Programming is what makes Fusion 2.5 work. It basis is to allow you to create everything you need by just using the mouse. The software is built out of two main editors:

frame editor

The Frame Editor

Here you visually place and position all of the elements of your game or application (the characters, counters, strings of text etc.) using your mouse.

You set up the properties for each of your objects in this editor by using your mouse to click on check-boxes or selecting choices from drop down menus.

event editor

The Event Editor

A true Visual Programming interface. The program that drives your application is presented to you in the form of a grid (similar to a spreadsheet). You enter the different events (conditions and actions) that make your application work into the grid by choosing options presented to you in pop up menus.

At no time do you need to enter a single line of code. This approach to programming is very simple to understand, but also very fast powerful. You can have the basics of your application entered in just a few clicks.

What you need to get started

Potential App developers will need Clickteam's Fusion 2.5 or Fusion 2.5 Developer, and a PC or windows enabled Mac to run it on. The optional iDevice exporter, A Mac to compile your projects on, Your favorite idevice to test the project, and finally A developer account with apple ($100.00 Annually).

A community of developers ready to help you

The community based around Clickteam's products is very active and very friendly. When you run in to any problems with your development, you can always ask your questions in one of our friendly forums. An answer usually comes back within half a day, sometimes even sooner.

And if necessary, you can even send your questions direct to the developers of the program themselves, as they constantly check the forums to help with the more difficult questions.

Create other application types as well


Flash Player

Also available is the Optional SWF exporter.
You can build SWF for embeding in websites that will play on Adobe's Flash Player. The SWF engine used in Fusion 2.5 is highly optimised, allowing you to create very complex games with hundreds of objects moving on the screen, parallax scrolling, rapid shots etc.

You can also use as many sounds as you want on 32 different sound channels. The Fusion 2.5 SWF engine is also very small, only adding 280Kb to your application which is already very compressed by the Adobe Flash file format itself. Because of its small size the Fusion 2.5 SWF engine is also ideal for creating SWF banners.

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