A few words from our developers
"Welcome to the Fusion3 development blog!

Here we will regularly post news, images, videos and other information on how Fusion3 development is coming along and share some of our thoughts behind the design process. We hope you enjoy it."

Summer of Communication

As most can tell the Fusion 3 blog has been dry recently. And for that we apologize. The reason is our two main developers on the project have reached an important phase in the development during which they cannot communicate a lot. They are putting the pieces of the program together and we have chosen to have them focus on this.

Don’t expect any significant news like the announcement of the beta or release date before the last quarter. We’ll try to post intermediate news but at the moment the developers are under big pressure and don’t need more in the form of writing blogs.

Clickteam does clearly hear that you, our users, want more communication from the team. As such we are planning on converting the Fusion 3 Blog to a general Clickteam blog. We will use this space to not only talk about Fusion 3 but Clickteam Fusion 2.5, Clickstore, our educational market plans, #MadeWithFusion games and anything else relative to Clickteam. We hope this will continue to build on our already great community and make for a stronger user base of Fusion developers.


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