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What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a way to figure out how a story progresses over time.

In Fusion 2.5 and previous the storyboard was a simple list of frames and didn’t give much indication on how frames were interconnected. They simply flowed from beginning to end like a movie. But games and applications aren’t movies. For Fusion 3 we are working on a better Storyboard for you that can give you a much better overview over how the flow is through your game/app’s frames.

The New Storyboard Editor

Apologies for the ugly “shopped” arrows in this picture and the lack of frame previews. They are being worked on!


We also want to show frame inheritance with another type of arrow in the future. It will be possible to hide these arrows though as the storyboard can easily become cluttered.

The Storyboard Editor is now simply an alternative view to the frame inheritance tree you see in the Workspace to the left. Frames can be dragged around by you to align them in a way that makes sense to you.Our aim is to draw automatic arrows between the frames where you have a “Jump to frame” or “Next frame” actions to them. While a seemingly small change it will make organizing your frames much easier for big and complex projects – especially for huge adventure games where you can now lay out your frames the same way they are located in your game itself.

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