Clickteam Extension Manager


The distribution of extension objects in the past has always been a challenge for users to find, update and install.
With Fusion 2.5 Clickteam has integrated the “Extension Manager” to help resolved this issue.

If you have not seen or used the “Extension Manager” you can find it on the “Create new object” screen then clicking the manager button.


We would like to invite all extension creators to update their existing extensions and submit new extensions to be listed in the extension manager system.

Please connect to this page to learn how to submit or update your extension in the manager.

We are also working on organizing the software development kits (SDK) for the various platforms under version 2.5.

Additional SDKs will becoming online as they are ready.

The base Windows SDK for Fusion 2.5 can be downloaded here:
Download: Fusion 2.5 Windows SDK

Thank You,