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The Future of XNA Exporter
Posted on: July 3, 2014

After much discussion we have come to a decision over the future of the XNA exporter. Unfortunately the XNA landscape has changed rather considerably since we launched it at the beginning of 2012. Due to policy changes, Microsoft have effectively killed off XNA, and with it support for XBOX and Windows Mobile platforms.

We have made the decision to retire support for the XNA exporter now, as we feel that continued work on this will divert resources away from platforms with more potential and demand from our customers and user base. Whilst we have considered working towards compatibility with the Monogame project, ultimately this would take significant time and resources away from other projects, including Fusion 3 and we feel this time is better spent on our core drivers.

The XNA Exporter has received 2 years of support and updates and performs well with the Multimedia Fusion 2.0 feature set which it was designed to offer. We feel this has been a reasonable support period. However, as some users may have purchased only very recently, we are adopting the following policy regarding this exporter:

Any person who purchased the XNA exporter after Fusion 2.5 was released (December 2013) will be able to choose an alternative exporter from our range as a replacement.
No cash alternatives or refunds will be offered for purchases before or after this date. Exchanges will be handled via email — and proof of purchase may be required. We reserve to right to refuse exchange where we cannot ascertain ownership.

Thank you to everyone who purchased this exporter. We’re sorry to see it go but look forward to putting our energy into new and exciting features and projects for the future instead.

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