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Child Events
Posted on: November 7, 2016
Hi everybody, welcome to the fifth edition of the Fusion3 development blog. Today we’re going to show you a long overdue feature that will finally be available in Fusion 3. It’s a feature that was originally discussed many years ago back in the private beta days of Multimedia Fusion 2. It was always planned to be added at some point. Changing MMF2 to allow for this turned out to be too big a task for the time constraints at the time. It turned out a major rewrite of the underlying codebase was needed.

So it was postponed – until now…

So what is this feature?

Every so often you come across some logic that begs for finer control over both your events but also object selection. Often you want something to happen only when multiple criteria is met – but at the same time you wanted other things to happen when any of criteria was met.

In Fusion 2.5 and older you would typically duplicate your events and specialize the events only after several conditions that are already identical across several other events. I remember seeing games made where the first 10-20 event lines started with “Start of frame” conditions and then followed by the specialization.

Imagine if you could just make that “Start of frame” event once and then specialize under it?

Child Events

Fusion 3 is all about better code reuse and organization than ever before. In the image you can see how we nest several events into each other in a tree-like fashion.

Any events that are nested below their parent event will *only* happen if the parent event passed all of its conditions (evaluated to “true”). For example the “[Truck] is stopped” event will only be evaluated if both “Space” is pressed AND only for trucks that are actually overlapping the “Grass” tile.

Yes – object selection is inherited down the hierarchy of events. This is incredibly powerful and useful for any game or app. The inherited object selection means that you can make incredibly precise filters on exactly which objects you want to be affected by your actions in any situation.

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