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Reuse of Events
Posted on: October 17, 2016

Hello again, check out our second post of our Fusion3 development blog. Today we want to talk about the hot button issue of code reuse. We think you will like what you see so far. Also we wanted to send out a thank you for the positive feedback on our first blog post.

One of the features that you, our users, asked for the most is better reuse of events. We wanted to do better than simply copy-pasting frames full of events or making a mess out of global events. So how can you solve the problem of wanting to reuse as much of your events as you can while maintaining a clear structure?

Enter the frame hierarchy…

Typically you either event most of your gameplay in one frame and copy that across your other frames or put them in global events or similar. With the Fusion 3 frame hierarchy you can put all your usual gameplay code into one frame and have a whole set of “sub-frames” inherit all your objects and events from the “parent”-frame. You can then in the child-frames design your levels without having to do anything else.


You can in your child-frames add even more objects and events if you wish. In the example above for the “Boss battles” frame we could have added a “Boss health bar” object and various events taking care of other boss-battle related things. This could easily be reused for all the other boss battles in the game so we put that into a frame for itself. Then inside the boss battle frames “First boss” and “Über boss” you would have all the events and objects available from both “Gameplay” and “Boss battles”. With this hierarchy your event structure will be so much simpler and easier to manage.

This concludes our second blog post. We’d love to hear your comments on our blog posts and on our development. Throw us a mention on Twitter or Facebook and tell us what you think!

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