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Klikdisc Issue #7
Posted on: November 21, 2012

This issue's focus is on getting your stuff out there. Gain insight on the new XNA runtime, from its performance to experiences with releasing a game on the Xbox Marketplace. Also learn how to design your games to target specific audiences, how to approach distribution, what to expect from specific markets, and how to maximize your potential income by porting to multiple runtimes.

Our exclusives this month includes the amazing Sound Generator Object, with its ability to create sound effects at runtime, is sure to create a bit of buzz (literally!).

All this and much, much more in KlikDisc Issue #7! Power to the Creators!

CT Talk: Clickteam founder Francois Lionet talks about the recently released XNA runtime
In The Lab: We talked to the dev team behind the mysterious and awesome Irrlicht 3D object, which, when done, will enable true 3D game creation in MMF.
Click Around the World: check out what went down during this year's new international game jam event, ClickJam!
Release Roundup: 2on1 – AirFight, Ant Surf Hero, MANOS: The Hands of Fate, Mighty Fin, The Desolate Hope, Tiny Shard
Review: A gorgeous ambient puzzle game, But to Paint a Universe
Review: A special kind of bat-and-ball game, Wilkanoid 2
Review: A mindboggling text-based Flash puzzle game, Ir/Rational Redux
Preview: And finally, Gamesare's upcoming epic space battle game, Noble Armada!
Dev Tips with Danny, who recently went through the process of releasing a game for Xbox made with MMF & the new XNA runtime.
Pro Dev Tips: ColeUK talks about the making of his hit strategy game Megacity and how he came to release it for Flash, iOS and Xbox (with some extra tips for our XNA users out there).
Serious Business: DistantJ, maker of iOS platformers AWESOME Land and MANOS: Hands of Fate, talks about finding your audience and marketing your game to them.

The Sound Generator Object by Looki: Create custom retro sound effects for your games at runtime. Available both for the PC and Flash runtimes! 6 additional example MFAs and a Sound Editor MFA.
Music: 13 tunes free for use in your projects by artists Greg Courson and Adam Dobay
Open source: 3D Race Engine Widget, Drag Window Widget, Follow the Leader Widget, Platform Multiwidget, Tardis Widget, Zelda Scroll Widget

Ant Surf Hero by Andrew Sum
Bug Blaster by Lobot
HEROE of the Summer by zonacas
Magnetizer by Wackyjackie
Summer Gauntlet by John Porter
The Desolate Hope by Scott Cawthon
Tiny Shard by Gabriel and Joao Pedro
Walker by Blake Fix
Wilkanoid 2 Free

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