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Klikdisc Issue #4
Posted on: February 1, 2010

The first issue of 2010 contains some cool stuff!, The New Chess object and included example will allow you to plug in External Chess AI programs into your MMF Creations. Two new tutorials including a easy to understand Missile command clone called Meteor Defense Team. Also on this issue is three new Graphics and Music Libraries for your use! And of course tons of the latest Freeware and shareware games for you to check out as well as some cool reviews and the latest in Click News! Let us know what you think of the latest issue!

Each order for 8.95 gets you the CD-Rom shipped anywhere using standard mail or you can select the download for instant delivery. Here is the list of content for this issue!

Review of The Sultan's Labyrinth: A Royal Sacrifice
Review of Mind Twister
Review of Nemegraphe
Clickteam News
Clickteam Goes to Austin Texas

Commercial Games & Demos
Math Games 2 Demo – Kidmedia
Noitu Love 2 demo – Konjak
Mind Twister Shareware version – Achronism Studios

Freeware Games and Apps
10000$ : French GTA-Like made with MMF2dev – Patrice Cervellin
Muskaboswells 1 – Robert Manners
Last Chance – Pozik
Nemegraphe – Nemega Studios
Snapshot Pro – Stephen1980
ButaVX: Justice Fighter – Nekomura Games
Suffer – Nirvam
Iceball – RickyRombo
Spacebar – Softwarewolf
Johnny Divoe – Tiles
Famous Fighters – Wouter van Vugt
Assalor – Wouter van Vugt
Colorblind assistant – Achronism Studios
Pumpkin Patch – Pixellicker

New Extensions
Chess Extension – Mokhtar

Tutorials & Opensource
Meteor Defense Team – Clickteam
The Mystery of Paris – Koobare

The Wartime Pack – Koobare
Datatron Pack – Koobare
Music Pack 2 – Klikdisc

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