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Klikdisc Issue #3
Posted on: December 1, 2009

Check out the new Shadow extension, which allows your actives to cast multiple shadows with associated light sources! Tons of MMF made creations to check out including Playtests of both Crystal Towers 2 and Lilyan As well as tons of other titles like Miner 2049er Again, To Conquer All Stars, Storm Assault and the Full demo of Nifflas's latest creation Saira as well as a ton of others. Also new this issue is the first run of Flash enabled MMF creations, WOW. Speaking of flash we have a pretty indepth article on flash this issue as well as several reviews. This issue we also have a excellent Tutorial open source file for a shooter called Cybovore, which comes with all the music, sound effects and graphics to use your self! Hope you enjoy the issue!

Each order for 8.95 gets you the CD-Rom shipped anywhere using standard mail. Here is the list of content for this issue!

Commercial Games
Saira Demo – Nifflas
Lilyan Exclusive Playtest – PixelPickleGames

Freeware Games
Destruction Carnival remake – Virtually Real & Damian
HTML Editor 2.1 – Nivram
Miner2049er – Danjo
Touhou Komakyou / The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil – ASD
Jade Phoenix – Strife
Cybovore – Gamesare Studio's Sam Dillard
Crystal Towers 2 Playtest – David N
Gappy – Neo Games
The Bat Sweeper – 3kliksphilip
Zombie Force – 00J
To Conquer all Stars – Gamesare Studios
Minima Bomber – Graduate Games
Cliffall – loan Moreira

New Extensions
AES Encryption Object – AquadaSoft
Shadow Object – Daniel Rehn

Clickteam goes to Denver
Making Games in Flash with MMF
Lylian Review
Saira Review

Tutorials & Opensource
Cybovore – Gamesare Studio's Sam Dillard
Tower Defense Engine – jthongbai

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