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Klikdisc Issue #2
Posted on: October 1, 2009

Check out the new Raycaster extension, a Klikdisc exclusive, now you can build your own 3d styled maze games!

Also tons of MMF made creations to check out including Bullet of a Revolver, Cave Jumper 1.5, and the full version of Gem Fusion.

Also two new Full tutorials to build a Tmepilot like shooter or to build your own text editor! Plus Interviews, News and tons of other stuff in the October Issue!

New Extensions
Raycaster Extension (Klikdisc Exclusive) – DanielRehn
Minimap 2 – DanielRehn

Shareware Titles
Cave Jumper 1.5 Demo – The Games Page
Gem Fusion Full Version – Gamesare Studios
FanBand – FanBandSoftware
Flex Demo – Stone Tower Studio
Spirit Engine 2 Demo – Mark Pay

Freeware Titles
Gridquest (Updated for Klikdisc) – Pixelthief
Zarc's Bizarre Journey Home – Frankodragon
Booga Boo remake – Simon Czentnar
The Wikipedia Challenge – MJK Games
Pacman Ex3 – Acoders
MMF2 Technical Manual v2.0 – Nivram
Bullets of a Revolver – Diefox
Duel Toys – Diefox
Roly Poly Pumpkin and the Totem of Mystery – Adam
The Staff – Gamesare Studios
Milber's Mail Run Mobile Version – RhysD
Dizzy YolkFolk Adventures – Kurak
Bulletsss – Hempuli
FallOver – Hempuli
Coal – Codemonkey

Exclusive Tutorials
Byrd Text Editor – Koobare
The Spade Squadron – Koobare

Click Convention 2009 report
Extension Updates

Interview with Klik Master User Hempuli
Interview with Diefox Studios Creator of Duel Toys 2

Review: Cave Jumper 1.5

Exclusive Libraries
The Skyways Graphics Pack – Koobare
Exclusive Music Pack – Mathias

Open Source
Over 30 Open Source Files

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