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Klikdisc Issue #1
Posted on: August 1, 2009

The August 2009 issue is packed with awesome stuff…

Check out games like Faerie Solitaire, Ion Adventures, Death From above and others. Build new games with two new exclusive tutorials, Match 3 and vertical shooter. As well as a ton of other stuff..

Each order for 8.95 gets you the CD-Rom shipped anywhere using standard mail. Here is the list of content for this issue!

Commercial Titles
Faerie Solitaire Demo – Subsoap Studios
Turning The Tide Demo – Steve Harris
The Magic Toy Chest Demo – Graduate Games
Frogger Bound Demo- Softwarewolf
The Ion Adventures Demo Demo- Renato Depaoli

Freeware Title
Death From Above – Gamesare Studios
Blob's Adventure 2 – Jespers Web Studio
Fusion Shapes – MaVado
Scrolling Survivor – Zoglu Productions
Yellow Shape – Zoglu Productions
Calculix – Zoglu Productions
Gambit Ball – Zoglu Productions
Fusion World Search Engine – Fusion World
Aeon – Gamesare Studios
Santaman and his iced muffins – Hayo Van Reek
Hills and Balls – LB
World of Abstractica – MJK Games
Zombie Hunterz – Pentagraf
Lil' Pirate – AndyUK
Ten Ton Ninja – Addictive 24/7
Tops the Pig 2 – Jon Lambert
Kung Fu 2 – KNPMaster

General Clickteam News
Irrlicht 3d Extensions Update (Viewable Demo)
Raycasting Extension Update (Playable Demo)

Enlightenus – Blue Tea Games
Faerie Solitaire – Subsoap Studios

Core of Innocence – Pudding Hat Games
Incursion – Gamesare Studios

Indepth Tutorials
How to build a Match Three Game – MaVado
How to build a Vertical Shooter – Kisguri

New Libraries
Puzzle game sound pack (1 song, 9+ sounds)
Puzzle Graphics Library (Several sets of GFX images)
Shooter game sound pack (2 songs, 20+ Sounds)
Presentation Sound Effects – Multimedia Science

Open Source
Over 30 Open Source Files

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