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Image Editor
Posted on: April 5, 2017
Hi everybody. As promised here we will take a look at Fusion 3’s image editor.

But first a look back at what we had in Fusion 2.5 and previous products.

The image editor over the years

The image editor hasn’t changed much over the years mainly because it couldn’t get much simpler. It was a simple pixel-precise image editor that did what you expected it to do, it got the job done and you were able to import your graphics made in other tools. I’ve personally even heard of a few pixel artists not interested in game development that used the Fusion 2.5 image editor as their main graphics editor because it was down to the point, pixel precise, and did what it did well – plus you could preview your animations directly from the animation editor interface.

A look at the task at hand

Secondly, instead of writing about what the the image editor will be like, I’m going to take an alternative approach this time.

Graphic artists come from vastly different backgrounds drawing many (often multiple) different styles. Graphic styles vary from pixel art, vector inspired graphics, painted backgrounds, hand-drawn, 3D pre-rendered and so on. A good graphics editor for any of the mentioned art styles is incredibly difficult to make right – and there are as many different art styles as there are people out there.

Editing graphics is paramount when you want to make a game. As a game development tool this puts us in a difficult situation when designing an image editor as we cannot possibly fill all roles of being the perfect image editor for everybody. All graphic artists already have their own favorite drawing programs they are used to. Making an image editor that is customizable enough to fill so many needs is near impossible.

As a consequence of this we have decided to do something different in Fusion 3 than what we did in Fusion 2.5. We will still have an image editor but it will be like a “lowest common denominator” of image editors – something along the lines of which we’d had for years already: A good basic MS Paint like image editor but with extra features for the most common use cases and for drawing simple graphics.

But what about all the advanced features?

Third party graphics editors

For the cases where our own image editor is not going to cut it for your graphics editing needs, we will add third party image editor support.

This means that you in Fusion 3 will be able to define a set of your own favorite tools (such as Paint.NET, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or whatever you can think of) and assign those tools to specific images. This means that once you intend to edit an image within Fusion 3 we will check which tool you prefer for that image and load up the image in that. This saves you from having to import the graphics from your favorite program whenever you need to change them.

Our own image editor

Here is a work in progress image of the new editor…

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