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Evolution of the Event List Editor
Posted on: February 7, 2017
Over the weeks people have been asking more and more often about how the event list editor would look in Fusion 3.

Short answer: There will be no (separate) event list editor. It will be merged with the event editor itself into one single editor that can do everything in a simple and easy way.

As you most likely know, Fusion 2.5 and previous have always had two different types of event editors: The event editor and the event list editor. The event editor was the “main” editor where you see all the rules of your game at a glance in a spreadsheet kind of way. This view is very compact and can pack a lot of events into a little amount of screen space.

The event list editor is almost identical in the sense that it shows almost the same information to you as a user with the exception that it has focus on showing the order of things in a list like fashion. The event editor never shows you the absolute order of actions for objects (only within the context of the one object you are inspecting by hovering your mouse over the checkmark). To get the full order of all actions in the event you had to use the event list editor.

The event list editor in Fusion 2.5 and previous has two modes – one where you edit all the events – and one where you only edit the action order of a single event. Having two editors made it feel slightly awkward when you had to leave the editor just to change a specific detail. The editors were themselves so similar in nature that they kind of begged to be merged together. Thus was the idea for merging them was born.

At the time of writing a single click on the event number toggles it’s display mode into the “event list editor” kind of way. While a simple feature, it already feels like a major improvement to the overall workflow when you write your events. All the information is there at your fingertips with as few clicks as possible.

Doing this for one event at a time is simple enough. What if you actually preferred to only code in the old event list editor? No worries, we got you covered. With a click of a button you can toggle the entire editor into “event-list-mode” which forces all events to show their actions.

When you leave the event list mode it will restore the display modes of your individual events.

You might notice that the object icons in the horizontal row at the top disappears. This is because they have no function while in event-list mode. We are testing out what the easiest way is to add new actions to an event in alternative mode.

Merging the two editors have several benefits

-You don’t feel like you are leaving the editor

-The scroll position will be kept as you toggle so you don’t have to search for the event you were just looking at after you change to another editor.

-It is a lot more space efficient on the screen when you only want to edit a single event.

-Is much more intuitive. It is simply just an alternative way of displaying information with an easy way to toggle it.

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