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Data Types
Posted on: October 24, 2016

In Fusion 2.5 you only had 2 types you could use – numbers and text. Well that is actually 3 types when the numbers could either be floating point or integer. What value (float or integer) type was stored depended on how you typed out your expressions. It’s amazing how much you can do with only those types really. All other types of data somehow was able to fit into either category. For example colors were stored into a single integer value and you had to extract the red,green and blue components from it using expressions like GetRed(myColor).

Fusion 2.5 also had the notion of “flags” – a value that could either be on or off, 1 or 0. A boolean if you will. These were never really a “type” as such and was only exposed to you through the actions “Set flag on”/”Set flag off” and the condition “Flag is on”/”Flag is off” and could be given to you as an integer with the expression “Value of one of internal flags”. These flags were accessed through an index – not a name like the alterable values or strings.

Can we do better?

A new type of system…

While the limited types in Fusion 2.5 worked fine in the past and has allowed for the creation of awesome games we still feel like all of this could use a major overhaul. Fusion 3 brings you a completely new type system. We will be adding a whole lot of new types that you can use so it makes your game even easier to make. Fusion 2.5 kept “alterable values” and “alterable strings” completely separate (as well as flags).


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could store any type in your objects? Strings, values, floats, X,Y coordinates, colors, images, binary data, That is what we aim for now! Gone are the limits of only alterable values, alterable strings and flags. We now give you alterable ”anything”.

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