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Big things to come!
Posted on: March 15, 2017
Hi everybody. We apologize for the lack of blog post last week. We are SUPER busy hammerin’ our codebase into shape. We will get back to working on Fusion 3 in a little while, but first a short update for this week:

Currently we are working on optimizing certain parts of the codebase, make serialization between JSON and our internal data structures as fast and robust as possible (there’s a LOT of data to parse) and making testing different export modes as easy as possible.

For example we are experimenting with a build-mode selector right next to the build button.

This is a screenshot of our early prototype of a slightly different build-button. The build-and-run button is the button you most likely will be pressing the most to test out your project. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the “build-and-run frame” button!

With a game targeted for multiple platforms you will probably like the ability to switch between the different targets very easily and maybe even run them simultaneously to compare how they run.

For next week I’m hoping I can show off the Image editor for Fusion 3!

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